Airsoft Gun Power

What power gun are you allowed to use?

We chrono our guns to make sure all players are safe out on the field. All club guns are 1.13 joules or lower, this means that anyone who comes to play with us can use them. Weapons that fire above 3.33 joules are not permitted on our field.

Players are required to gain experience and show a robust understanding of the club rules before using a weapon rated over 1.13 joules. This can be proven by completing a probation period of 12 game days and at least 1 year. In some cases this period maybe be reduced or extended by club Committee approval.

Players with a primary weapon firing over 1.13 joules will be required to carry a secondary weapon (such as sidearm) which must be used when engaging targets under our defined Minimum Engagement Distances. This secondary weapon must be firing below 1.13 joules and be carried on your person at all times.

The Junior Sniper Class is for Junior Veteran players. They may use a 1.13 – 1.9 joules bolt action Airsoft rifle with MED of 15m.
The LMG Class may use any full-auto weapon from the approved weapons list that has a joule range from 1.13 joules to 1.63 joules with MED of 10m. This class can only be used by Veteran players.
The DMR Class may use any semi-auto rifle up to 1.9 joules with MED of 15m. This class can only be used by Veteran players.
The Sniper Class may use any bolt action, single shot rifle up to 3.33 joules with MED of 20m. This class can only be used by Veteran players.

To become a Veteran Player you need to pass the probation period as per our rules, and then apply for and receive your VDL Veteran’s Patch. Click here for more info.

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